Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose The Party Belles?

    Choose The Party Belles because we care about making your party or event very special. We have extremely high standards and we receive fabulous feedback on a weekly basis from happy clients. We have been in the party industry for over fifteen years and we have entertained at thousands of parties and events.

  • What is the benefit of having a Party Belle entertainer?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will run the party from start to finish. She will organise an exciting and fun party format suitable for the children’s ages. She will also bring a pass the parcel along with sweets, prizes and medals for all of the games and dancing. Finally, she will make sure everyone has a fabulous time and the birthday child is made to feel very special at their party. This gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the party whilst looking after your friends and family.

  • Who are the Party Belle entertainers?

    The Party Belles are a hand picked team of professional children’s entertainers. All of the Party Belles have been chosen because of their friendly and outgoing personalities and their natural rapport with children. They all have a background in the entertainment industry, they are talented performers who have great energy and a professional and conscientious attitude when entertaining children. They are also lots of fun and they love what they do! All Party Belles are police checked and have public liability insurance. For more information please visit the ‘Belles’ page.

  • Do you have any references from previous parties?

    Please visit the ‘Feedback’ page of our website. Alternatively, you can find fabulous reviews for The Party Belles on our Facebook page, Google, Add to Event or Netmums.

  • How do I make a party booking?

    Please call The Party Belles booking line on 07947 669849. We will be happy to discuss your party requirements and help you make a booking. Alternatively send an email to and we can arrange your booking by email.

  • How much will it cost to book a party?

    This will depend on the length of your party, the amount of guests you have attending and the type of entertainment you require. Please call us for a quote on 07947 669849 or email us at and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry.

  • Will I need to pay a deposit for the party?

    Yes, we take a deposit to secure your party booking.

  • What happens if I decide to cancel my party after I have paid the deposit?

    Your party deposit will be non refundable.

  • How far in advance should I book my party?

    If you have a particular date and time in mind then we recommend you book your party as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

  • Should I book the entertainment or the venue first?

    We suggest you call us first to check availability. We can then let you know dates and times we have a Party Belle entertainer available. You can then call your chosen venue and hopefully find a date and time to suit all.


    We love to provide entertainment for Corporate events. If you send us your theme we will send you some ideas for fabulous entertainment. Please visit the Corporate page for information, client list and testimonials. Please call us on 07947 669849 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Alternatively email us at and we will be happy to help.

  • Why should I choose The Party Belles to organise our event?

    The Party Belles have worked at and organised hundreds of events. As a result we feel that we have a very good idea of what works. We have extremely high standards, we use only the best entertainers, award winning face painters and balloon modellers. We have high standards and we pay attention to detail. Our clients return again and again and we always try to exceed their expectations.

  • What should I look for when booking a venue?

    The first thing to check is that your venue has adequate parking. We have entertained at many venues when guests have arrived late and stressed due to there being a lack of parking available. It is always wise to do a site visit to make sure that you have enough space in your venue for the amount of guests that you are inviting including the parents. Check the toilet and kitchen facilities and make sure the venue has enough tables and chairs to suit your requirements.

  • Where shall I host my party?

    We have entertained in many different venues. The most important thing is to make sure you have enough space for the type of entertainment you require and the amount of guests you are inviting. Venues to consider: Village and church halls, hotel function rooms, leisure centres, restaurants and of course if space allows your home or garden.

  • The venue is difficult to find what can I do to help people find it?

    Give your guests the full address and postcode along with any information regarding helpful landmarks to look out for. We also suggest tying a couple of balloons outside the venue. Very simple but very effective and also very helpful for your guests and entertainer!

  • How long will I need to book the venue for?

    The majority of our clients book at least half an hour each side of the party time to allow time for setting up and clearing away. We would suggest allowing yourself an hour beforehand, setting up a party always takes longer than people think. It is always an idea to bring along a few helpers too.

  • Any other advise when booking a venue?

    Call your venue and confirm the date and time a week before your party. We have arrived at parties and the venue has ‘forgotten’ the booking. As you can imagine this is extremely stressful and something you want to avoid. Also if your venue needs to be opened for your party, ask for the name and mobile number of the person opening up and what time they will be arriving.

  • Can you entertain in my home?

    We entertain in lot’s of peoples homes. We advise you clear away any breakables from the entertainment space and please remember your entertainer will need a large table for their music system near a double plug socket. It is also an idea to clear away any toys which can be a big distraction to little ones. If you are thinking of having the party in the garden we suggest having a gazebo in case it rains and a cool area inside in case it gets too hot for the children.

  • How much space will I need for the party?

    We can adapt our entertainment to suit the space provided. However it is advisable to have a large room so you can set up tables and chairs for food at one end of the room away from the main entertainment.

  • I have lots of adults staying at the party. Will this be okay?

    This is generally not a problem. We suggest you place seats for the adults at the opposite end of the room to the entertainer. Parents chatting can become very noisy and this can be distracting to the children. We are always happy if the adults would like to join in with the party fun….they may even win a medal!

  • Will the party entertainer bring a sound system and music?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will bring a music system, microphone, table disco lights and a wide selection of party music.

  • How long are your parties?

    An hour is the minumum duration we offer for party entertainment. We find the majority of our clients book a two hour party.

  • Will my Party Belle entertainer arrive before the party start time?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will arrive thirty minutes before your party start time to introduce herself, set up and be ready for when your guests arrive.

  • Will my Party Belle entertainer be female?

    Yes, your Party Belle entertainer will be female. We have male party assistants you may also wish to book for your party.

  • Do I get to speak to my Party Belle entertainer before the party?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will call you the week of your party to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have.

  • Will my child be made to feel special at their party?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will make sure your child is made to feel very special at their party. If they are shy they will take this into consideration and make sure your child feels comfortable. If they are outgoing then your entertainer will let them be the star of the show! Our aim is to give your child a party they love and one they will never forget.

  • Do you entertain only at weekends?

    The Party Belle entertainers are happy to entertain any day of the week.

  • Do I need to provide anything for my Party Belle entertainer?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will need a large table near a double plug socket.

  • What time can I have my party entertainment?

    On a week day parties can be held anytime to suit your requirements. At a weekend we get extremely booked up therefore morning parties usually start at 10am, 10.30am or 11am and afternoon parties start from 3pm onwards. If you have booked your venue outside of these times we will accommodate you when possible.

  • Will the Party Belle entertainer need parking?

    Your Party Belle entertainer will have a large party kit along with a music system to unload and set up so she will definitely need somewhere to park. Meter parking is fine in central London or busy area’s as long as the time limit is at least three hours. Please note when applicable parking fee’s and the congestion charge must be covered and paid directly to your entertainer.

  • How many children can I invite?

    One entertainer can entertain up to thirty children. Our parties are very active and we would like everyone to have lots of fun in a safe environment. If you have more than thirty children attending, your Party Belle entertainer will adapt the entertainment to suit the number of children. If you are inviting over thirty children we strongly advise you book an assistant entertainer.

  • Is it just one Party Belle entertainer per party?

    This depends on your requirements and your budget. If you are expecting over thirty children then you will require a second assistant entertainer. Clients also often book two entertainers to suit their party theme for example they may book a ‘Princess and a Pirate’ or a ‘Tinkerbell and Peter Pan’ or a ‘Buzz and Jessie’ or an ‘Elsa and Anna’.

  • Can I have face painting at my party?

    We can provide you with one of our artistic and talented face painters. They will transform the children into their favourite character, animal, princess or superhero during the party. All of our face painters are police checked and have public liability insurance.

  • We are thinking of hiring a bouncy castle. Would you recommend this?

    The majority of children seem to like bouncy castles and this can be a great addition to a party as long as you have enough space for the entertainment and the bouncy castle. We suggest you let the bouncy castle down during the main entertainment because they can be very noisy and will be a distraction.

  • Are your parties suitable for a mixed age group?

    All entertainment will be tailored to suit the ages of the children attending your party.

  • What is the format of a two hour party?

    The entertainer arrives in costume half an hour before the party to set up. As the children arrive the entertainer will do the children glitter tattoos. Then she will do a brief introduction getting the birthday child to the front for a big birthday cheer (if they aren’t too shy), then lot’s of games and dancing, bubbles, limbo and parachute fun (if age appropriate). Then half way through the party the entertainer will lead the children to the tables for the birthday tea and during this time she will do the children a balloon model to take home at the end of the party. Then she will get everyone to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the birthday cake. Then pass the parcel and more games and dancing finishing the entertainment with a big celebration party dance! Then a final cheer and a Superstar certificate for the birthday child. All entertainment and party formats can be tailored to suit your requirements, the ages of the children and the theme of the party.

  • TOP TIP 1

    Choose The Party Belles.

  • TOP TIP 2

    Call your venue and confirm the date and time of your booking a week before your party. We have arrived at parties and the venue has ‘forgotten’ the booking. As you can imagine this is extremely stressful and something you want to avoid. Also if your venue needs to be opened for your party, ask for the name and mobile number of the person opening up and what time they will be arriving.

  • TOP TIP 3

    Ask friends or family to help you set up and look after guests at the party otherwise you may spend your time in the kitchen and miss out on all of the party fun.

  • TOP TIP 4

    When parents are dropping off their children at your party have a pen and paper ready to take a contact number in case of an emergency.

  • TOP TIP 5

    Ask a friend or family member to be in charge of taking photo’s or filming at your party. It is such a special occasion and it is a real shame not to have a record of it.

  • TOP TIP 6

    Have a check list of everything you need to remember. Things you may wish to add to your list: Mobile number and contact name for venue, matches or a lighter for the candles, birthday cake, candles, scissors, sellotape, blue tac, string, bin bags, extra table cloths, teabags, coffee, milk, sugar, party decor, party bags, food, drink, camera and most importantly do not forget the birthday child!

  • TOP TIP 7

    Remember to enjoy the party and have fun!